About Us

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to help those who struggle with their invisible injuries, and emotionally charged wounding to experience a fresh perspective of themselves, their lives, and the act of limitless possibilities. Our hope is to re-inspire in our clients the motivation, willingness, and courage to excel to their best selves so they can continue to live the life they were authentically meant to lead. As a holistic treatment program, we work closely with each client, listening carefully, and guiding her on the pathway toward recovery so she can be empowered.

What We Do


We promote a holistic therapeutic approach by offering multiple services and equipping individuals with practical life skills. Organizationally, we are committed to a continual improvement process. Operation Revival Survival Recover is only the beginning.


The core embodiment of our organization is to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Our organizational focus is to make a positive impact in the lives of our service women.


We are individuals who uphold the standards of an honest support system in order to help improve their quality of life when struggling with an invisible injury. We are accountable to manage financial and material resources in a wise and productive manner. We strive to achieve these principals with personal conduct that honors those that have served our country, earning us a name worthy of trust by sponsors and communities alike.